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My name is Grace, and I LOVE color. I live for a beautiful rainbow, tropical blue oceans, or glacier ice. The colors an octopus can turn during a dream, the green of a sea urchin shell after living it's life purple, or the shades of green you can find in a rainforest are my melody. I can breathe in the pink of a sunset, and out the gray of a day. Colors really do move me. 

I have found that I really do love color in all that I take on creatively. With acrylic paint, I'm constantly on the search for brighter and bolder colors. With that, this new adventure in enamels has been a very natual progression. I started with gemstones and copper, which provided some color, but the vibrance of melted glass makes for even bolder color statements. 

I implore you. Surround yourself with colors that make you happy, and live well. 

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~Wassily Kandinsky.


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